We are full service dealers of fine hand knotted rugs and oriental rugs. We sell new & antique rugs of distinction and high quality and we specialize in expert rug cleaning, repair and restoration.

Our family abroad and in the United States has been supplying many high end dealers and design firms around the country for many decades. With wholesaling being our primary family business for generations, we are true direct importers, exporters, and suppliers of oriental rugs. We also manufacture our own one of a kind rug production on our family looms, producing rugs for today’s new more fashion oriented market.

ORH has very close, long standing ties with weavers in all major rug weaving countries. Very, very few sellers can call themselves dealers in the truest sense. Red tape, dealing with overseas governments and banks as well as traveling to remote and sometimes dangerous locations is not for the faint of heart. We are true dealers and avoid middlemen while working with weavers to maintain steady supply.

Many of our sales are of new rugs of course but our real love and passion is with rare and unique antique rugs, the likes of which have been witnessed by only the most seasoned travelers and art lovers. The best antique rugs are quirky, bursting with life and timeless. They fit into the most modern and the most traditional of homes and this can be attested to by viewing the finest interiors in Europe, the U.S. and all over the world.

Rug lovers don’t follow, they find their own taste and ORH encourages this. We are always happy to discuss rugs on a practical level as well as on a much deeper artistic and intellectual level. We truly source and sell some of the finest and rarest rugs as well as the beautiful new and easily understood rugs of today, for those who simply want “decorative rugs”.

ORH generally avoids the trendiest rug color of the year approach but we do custom weave rugs for special rooms and decors.

ORH is not a “mall store” or modeled after chain stores and we do not rely on gimmicks or misleading sales tactics. We take more of an educational approach and would rather stock 10 unique rugs than 1000 design/fashion network, cookie cutter rugs, but we are not snobs and you can ask us anything. We are simple and we maintain an old school rug dealer approach of being low key and understated, while selling superior products and providing first rate, personal service.

Our prices range from affordable to very high end but are far better than typical retail prices quality for quality.

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